Why Blog?

I have decided to start blogging as I have been on Instagram for about 20 months now and thought it would be a good idea to give a bit back to the community who plan to visit the places I have been to. My main strengths are the Dominican Republic and Peru for the moment.

I will be adding more content, photos, destinations and detailed information on the places I have visited and will visit. I am not one to spend loads on money of nice hotels and expensive tours (but once in a blue moon for the experience if you can is ok, depending on your budget) and that, but to budget and save money is the main purpose here. I am mainly travel alone, however I usually get a hotel room for 2 as the bed is bigger and I like to spread out lol please be patient as this is a new project and I have a lot of information to put up.

Click on the links to check out my experience in the Dominican Republic and Peru.

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