Alcohol causes intellectual Destruction

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Human race is the evil of its drinking, it is not possible to understand that its intelligence does not blame the blame of its faults, it is possible that this is why wine is beginning to be considered a symbol of civilization, but diseases caused by it are destruction of ethnic community, economic wastage, intellectual Destruction of the potential and then the roots of hereditary rituals, etc. are such horrendous losses which people do not notice. Ants also many times do such stupid people, how much they have to pay the fiercely, if one ever finds out the person, then he will not even be afraid to drink alcohol.
For ants, the contract for alcohol is ‘ Mumble’ by one type. There are golden hair follicles in their body, one of them comes out of a special aromatic aroma. Mumble first makes a special kind of musical music. The trunk of the coronary pulls the ants away, the herd ants move behind it. The beating of the bean moves forward. The hypnotized ants are back and forth. Now, Mumble removes the ‘addictive’ substance from his body, which, after drinking his ants as his sweet wine, starts drinking and starts dropping in p.
The devil who does not let the devil rush rightly inappropriately, in the same way, ants also lose consciousness and drink so much that they become unconscious. Now mumble makes him a victim in such a way that such a disease is the person’s body. In this view, man is also called ants like a stupid person, there is nothing strange. Ants also have such a thing that their sensible queen, drunker, keeps ants alert to the ants that they are not trapped in the nostrils of that naughty snake. But in human society, where such sensible and service-oriented people are saved from this evil addiction?

There are not many mischief hunters, they keep on giving ants to such alcohol, but even in the ants, disorder, duties, obesity, and cruelty arise like that in any drunken man. When such drunken ants are considered bad in their creed, then what is the surprise to the drunken man if he is called bad?

The world of human beings is very strange and not even less than ants. Man makes sense in all the work, but if seen carefully, then the ants will be seen more intelligent than them. It keeps making a house of law. Ants in architecture are a little behind humans. In the days of water removing and rainy days, it builds a good house to stay safe from the water inside the bill.

Man can be proud of animal husbandry. But there is not much difference between ants and humans in this view. Ants giving milk are white like cows; Ants keep special arrangements for their safety and development, they are deployed in the sun, they act as shepherds. Farmers cultivate ants, soldiers defense and work in the work of watchman, then the craftsman ants make the house. Even though they are so much like the members of a family, they make organized lives without discriminating against the high and low and untouchable, lazy and idiotic, so your children do not look good, so many males are killed even in the ants. In human society, such people are destroyed due to their depraved state.

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