Dunas de Baní

Introduction: Baní is a city about 60km from Santo Domingo, and about 5km from the Caribbean sea. It is known for its commercial and manufacturing centre for the fertile agricultural hinterland. Their main products are bananas, rice and coffee. Anyway, lets head towards the beach to the sand dunes and salt farms.

The Famous Salt Farms of Baní

How to get there: The easiest way to get there is by car. However, not everyone has one, so the next best and cheapest way is by public transport from Santo Domingo to Bani, you can get a guagua (local bus) or Caribe Tours, which would drop you off in Bani, then you would have to get a guagua or a taxi to the sand dunes/ salt farms. They have tours that leave from Santo Domingo on the weekends, in case you are there on the weekend. Instagram is full or tour operators. Check them out!!

What to do: There are two main attractions. One is the salt farms as you can see above which are quite nice and also the sand dunes. As you leave the city of Baní and head towards the coast, you will see the Sand Dunes on the left hand side. They charge $2 or 100 pesos to enter and be prepared to walk!! I recommend not wearing sandals or flip flops on the sand as it is usually really hot and can be an annoyance as the distance from the entrance to the beach is about 2km. Bring plenty of water too! The views are really nice, especially if you have a drone lol and well, many people go to spend the day, have a picnic, bring a beach umbrella, drink, food and spend quality time with the family.

Sand Dunes of Baní

However, further down the road from the dunes are the salt farms. It is amazing how these guys can work in these conditions, and conditions I mean in over 30º heat. Some people go here to take pics in the middle of the salt farms, even pre/ post wedding pics as well! For me, visiting these places is more of a full day rather than spending the night. However, each persons agenda is there own.

Where to staybooking.com by using my code you can get a €15 discount on your next accommodation. There are quite a few places to stay here and if your idea is to see Bani, the sights and then go on to Barahona, staying a day or two would not be a bad idea.

How to get around: Here you can get a motoconcha, which is basically a motorbike taxi, super cheap, quick and they seem to be safe enough, although I have had very limited experience on these. The city itself is tiny so getting around on them are your best option as when you arrive in the city yourself you will see motorbikes everywhere!