Boca Chica

Introduction: It is a Caribbean town, just past the airport in Santo Domingo. But when you fly in and see the view from above, the crystal clear gorgeous water, you just have to go visit. They have spots by the airport to go snorkelling, which can be a treat in itself if you are into that kind of thing as there are coral reefs and an array of fish to see (bring some bread to feed them lol) there are also sunken shipwrecks too.

Places to visit: for us we just spent the day there. There is a public and private section, the public is a beach and the private section are usually the restaurants. Most restaurants have platforms leading to the water as there is no beach (check out the pics so you get my drift), so you can eat, swim and go on a banana boat or a doughnut.

One of the restaurants, I would recommend is “Boca Marina” It is a tad pricey considering that in Santo Domingo you are normally charged 18% tax and 10% service tip. However, the food is delicious and to be honest if you want something a little cheaper you have quite a few restaurants to pick from. I recommend this place as the platform and access for me is much better. Check out my photos of it and the surrounding areas to have an idea. But the photos really sell it as a place of interest and to visit.

How to get there: from Santo Domingo you have many different options as many local public transports go that way. Just look for ones which go past the airport. The main avenue in Santo Domingo is the 27th of February, you can find a bus easily to go to Boca Chica from there. I will take up to an hour giving the traffic and the amount of times it stops. You can also jump on a bigger bus (just Google: Santo Domingo – Boca Chica buses) which might go direct.

What to do there: well since you have access to a public beach, you can swim and just chill out. What I liked most was being able to drink a beer or a cocktail in a bear just looking at the ocean, the sounds of the water. It is quite relaxing, food is great and of course plenty of seafood too. So, beach, beer, and chilling with friends!

Where to stay: booking.com (get €15 off using my code) I have never stayed here but I did do a search and some are quite pricey for a place which for the same price you can stay in a 5-star hotel in Santo Domingo. So, expect to pay up to $100USD a night if you fancy something nice, however, you can also get cheap hostels and that. It is really up to your own preferences, I would go with staying in a hostel, as you will only spend 2 to 3 days in this place as the island is littered with amazing places to visit.

How to get about: Since the place is quite small, you can walk everywhere, if you fancy a taxi, there are plenty about too 🙂 spoiled for choice really!