Casa de Campo/ Altos de Chavón

River Chavón

Introduction: Located in La Romana, ideal if going to the Islands Saona and Catalina. If you look at it from above, it is like a Mediterranean style European village, located next to the river Chavón. Apparently, they shot many different movie scenes there, such as Rambo, when he was in the jungle. You can stay the night here, but it comes at a price. Many famous people have villas here such as Shakira, Julio Iglesias and a few others.

No drone photos: I would have loved to have shown you guys some drone photos of the place, but in order to do so, I would have been charged about $200USD, which I was not ready to pay lol

What to do there: It is known for its arts and has produced some very successful artists over the years and has become a cultural centre in the region. It is also a meeting point or local spot for different kinds of arts, from artist studios, to handicraft workshops and art galleries.

Another selling point is the Church of San Estanislao, which is in the main square overlooking Chavón river and is one of the most photographed monuments in the place. It is quite beautiful and old looking although it was built in 1979, and is used nowadays as a place for couples to tie the knot. It is very romantic and with the view I am sure it is an amazing experience. Many foreigners go there just to get married as it includes accommodation, has a beach in Casa de Campo (where the villas are), amazing weather and includes a honeymoon holiday as well.

Altos de Chavón also have a 5,000 seat Greek amphitheater and many famous singers perform there such as Jenifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and other famous reggaeton artists. Throughout the year, they invite artists and the prices are not that expensive, since it is only 5,000 seater, you can usually get a very good view of the artist. Check out my photo below.

5,000 seat Greek amphitheater

Casa de Campo: If you are a golf lover, this place has three golf courses and all along the coast as well. As I mentioned above, they organised tours to the islands, such as Catalina island from the marina and you can also enjoy Playa Minitas. check out their website for more details and information.

How to get there: From Santo Domingo you can get a bus that will take you to La Romana, and take a taxi from there (cheaest option). There should be a special shuttle which leaves from Santo Domingo directly to Casa de Campo (for a fee), but you might need to arrange that when you book with them and get some info on it. If you arrive in Punta Cana, which is about 50 min drive, they offer a shuttle service for a fee.

Final points: try find offer online, use 3rd party websites as the main website they will charge you a lot more. Check out AirBnB, they usually have nice offers to rent. Bring lots of sun scream as the weather can get very hot there and while being exposed on the beach can be dangerous, especially if you go to the islands which are a must if in that area as they as paradise like waters!! Any questions, just give me a buzz!!