Catalina Island

Intro: Or Isla Catalina as it is known in the Dominican Republic. Basically a tropical island about 2km from the mainland in the south-eastern corner of the Dominican Republic. You leave from La Romana city centre. You may even seen a few cruise boats on your travels too as La Romana is a destination or a stop for cruise ships on Caribbean routes!

Isla Catalina: this is the beach they take you to

How to get there: It really depends on where you are staying. Most places in Punta Cana provide a tour which includes transportation to and from the hotel to La Romana, a buffet lunch, boat from La Romana to the island and back. Along the way they will stop so you can do some snorkelling and see some tropical fish, then onto the island.

The water is warm, clear with some coral…

What to do: Well there is not really a lot you can do except, swim, walk and take gorgeous photos. When I went they had a free banana boat and doughnuts rides which were sweet as they always try make you fall off. Lunch is served usually 30 minutes after arrival. This place is to chill out, sunbath, enjoy the water and do a bit of snorkelling. I would advise bringing some bread if you enjoy snorkelling as you will have all the fish to yourself and get some gorgeous snaps!!

You can imagine what snorkelling is like here!!

What to bring: The sun is really dangerous and it can be 30 or more degrees so a hat and sun cream are a must. Especially if you have babies or small children. A lot of people love to sunbath, but personally I recommend “sunbathing” while swimming, then look for a coconut tree to chill under lol

Bring a camera with you and a good one. There will be a “professional” photographer on your tour who will take gorgeous photos for a price, usually anything between $60 to $85USD. Personally I have a drone and any pics I need taken I usually use it or have friends take a few of me.

Here you have huts to buy piña coladas for $10USD, in the background is the lunch area.

Final points: When you go to the islands you usually have a maximum time of 3 hours, by 3.45pm at the latest you are returning to La Romana. Do not be fooled by the agencies that offer lobster for lunch and really up the price. Lobster season is only a few months of the year due to the scarcity of them. Any other questions about this trip, please let me know.