Cayo Levantado

Introduction: Cayo Levantado, also known as Bacardi Island, is an islet in Samaná Bay, which belongs administratively to Samaná Province, in the Dominican Republic. It is a well-known tourist destination in the Dominican Republic. You can either do a full-day or stay in the 5-star resort. From what I have read, you must stay for at least 3 nights and it costs about $500 a night too lol

Cayo Levantado with a 5-star hotel in the middle!!

How to get there: There are a few ways to get there, however, the main one is that you stay at the hotel, which includes transport to and from the island or you can go on a full day tour which includes Los Haitises, which is a National Park and Cayo Levantado with buffet lunch for about $65USD.

What to do there: there are two parts to the island, one is the private part which belongs to the hotel and the other is the public. The difference between them is minimum if any. If you have a drone the photos are spectacular, the water is warm, coconut trees everywhere, gorgeous weather, so best just to chill, have a piña colada and soak up the sun and enjoy a piece of paradise with the person you love.

2 miles from the mainland as the crow flies

Where to stay: the only hotel on the island is Bahía Principe, who are littered throughout the Dominican Republic. Click on the link above and check them out, but prepared to pay as it is drop dead gorgeous! Minimum 3 nights!!

Bahia Principe 5 – Star Hotel
Chilling on the beach!

What to bring: the sun is really dangerous and it can be 30 or more degrees, so a hat and sun cream are a must. Especially if you have babies or small children. A lot of people love to sunbath, but personally I recommend “sunbathing” while swimming, then look for a coconut tree to chill under lol. It can also get quite windy and quite wet going back to Samaná if on a day tour, TIP: if so, sit on the left hand side of the speedboat going back to port lol

Stay in a 5-star hotel or go on a full-day trip?