El Valle

La Playa el Valle – Gorgeous and secluded beach

Introduction: El Valle belongs to Samaná and when you go from Samaná “city” (it’s tiny) into El Valle, it feels like a different world, because the beach and accommodation is literally in between to mountains in lush vegetation. There is a river close by and I have been told people swim in it and that the sea although really nice, does have some strong currents, but the beaches and surrounding areas are gorgeous! I didn’t swim in the sea… nor the river lol

The lush vegetation

How to get there: Firstly you need to get yourself to Samaná. From there you can take a taxi if you do not have a car. It is only about 12km, so expect to pay under $10USD for that trip. You could rent a motorbike, which is what I did to get to know more parts of Samaná for about $20-25USD per day.

What to do: El Valle is quite excluded to be honest. There is one road in and out. You drive until you get to the beach and well. There are two parts to the beach, one which is right in front of you and the other you have to walk through knee height of water to get to it, but it is gorgeous, quiet and secluded which is the best part! The photographs are amazing too. So, in terms of what to do, it is a place to go and rest and disconnect. I mean disconnect as there is no cel service, so bye bye social networks lol It is a beach which feels like you are in the middle of the jungle, secluded from life and just recharging the body.

Secluded beaches

Where to stay: if you fancy staying a night or two, there is a place called Unique Exotic Eco Hotel. This place is quite pricey and well for what it is worth we stayed a night because it was enough for us. They do privide breakfast and dinner and it was quite nice. They did not tell us drinks were included lol It is really quiet and you are practically on the beach front if you choose that option. We paid $200USD a night and they have other options about 300m inland which is where the main reception and that is, and they have rooms for less than $150USD a night. It really depends on your budgets. You can also check booking.com (get €15 off using my code) for other options. I do know there are others scattered about. Up to you really. For me a night was enough but it was very pricey in my opinion.

Unique Exotic Eco Hotel $200USD a night for a room here!

Here are some pics for you to see what the beach area looks like and where we stayed and so on. It is a gorgeous place, but just a bit too pricey for me.