In intellectual sense, not less than ant man

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If the goods are too much and travel in distance, then people take the bullock cart, rail, motor and airplane. Suppose ants do not have such vehicles, it is also possible that they are as intelligent as the men of the primitive age and prefer the natural life better than mechanical life and therefore they have not created vehicle but this not be ruled out. That they have the ability to analyze the circumstances and to act accordingly. second team of ants was up and started rolling stuff from above to avoid the burden. The ants below were going to handle him and were reaching him inside the bill. It seemed as if food sacks were being dropped from the helicopter in the flood affected area.


This phenomenon shows that in intellectual sense, not less than ant man. This ability of knowledge of small-young creatures, where it says that self-element, whatever small and no matter how much great is only one in terms of spiritual qualities, then man should be able to be most intelligent of world Do not be arrogant.


Seeing in the ethnicity and lifestyle of small castes like human race, it is astonishingly surprised. The organization wisely considers the power and intuition as well as the duty of duty to cooperate. The interest of the harm as well as the ants, which keeps the ants, person would have been most happy creature in world. Suppose that God did not give ‘anecdote’ to ants, but knowledge found in their head are so intense that they can easily accept their thoughts as they touch each other’s heads. Knowledge of license Indians may possibly Received from the ants and developing such yoga meditations which alert the mind to knowledge of brain so that mind of anybody, emotional attachment They could be caught only through the sky, even if no one told anything from the mouth or not.


It is that the ants also rob people of selfishness and arrogance, attacking colonies of neighboring ants, they snatch away goods, but their discipline and ethics also increase in humans. Biologist Dr Douglas has described the war of ants in the forests of Africa and has written that this attack, like World War, lasted for 17 days in two groups of ants. Every day invasion begins from morning and there will be a cease-fire by going to the evening. Just as different kinds of communication, construction, supply and ammunition are involved in war of human beings, in same way different departments carrying different logistics, separate work-related work, different departments carrying messages were working. And in the night and in the night, his detective department was also active. Many enemy ants were arrested and they were treated like prisoners. They got deposited in each other’s robbery. By the time the ants and their queen were not killed, war continued uninterrupted and then ants of winning party would have been made to see the victory. A lot of wine was drunk, the aunt shook the ants and jumped. The celebration continued for several days. The victorious ants, which were kept as slaves and were given the job of wages. The word ‘liquor’ has been used above the same meaning, not in vain.

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