Las Terrenas (Samaná)

Introduction: Las Terrenas for me is gringo heaven in the sense that there are a lot of foreigners there, the beaches are gorgeous, prices are not too expensive, accommodations are about $100 or less for a fully furnished apartment literally on the sea front. Most complexes have swimming pools, however most people seems to spend a lot of time on the beach. The beach is great for a long walk, water is warm, sunrise from what I can remember was just after 6am and the photos you can take are amazing too!!

How to get there: Caribe Tours from Santo Domingo to Samaná, basically you get off at Sanchez, which is the stop before Samaná city and take a bus to Las Terrenas, it is quite a nice ride as you go up a mountain and can see Samaná Village and the ocean from the top. Buses goes every 15 to 20 minutos and go for peanuts, dirt cheap.

What to do there: I have broken Samaná into different parts as it would take all day to write everything on here and maybe be a little boring, so in Las Terrenas you are mainly looking at beaches, crystal clear water, mostly empty, long and beautiful to walk while surrounded by coconut trees.

The main beach where most of the accommodations are is called Playa de las Ballenas or Whale Beach. This is really nice and sandy, water is warm and it is not too deep or choppy. I personally enjoyed it here. There is a lot of shade, sit under a coconut tree and sip on a piña colada.

Now, to venture off a bit you might need to have some form of transport, as another beach I highly recommend visiting is Playa Coson and Playa Bonita. I have never stayed near these places, it is about 4km from Terrenas village, you could possibly walk it, but I feel it would be uncomfortable as there is no direct way of getting there from the Whales beach. However, you can rent a Quad bike or a moped for about $20 to $50 USD a day, which is what I did in Samaná to visit all of the peninsula and not just Terrenas, because I went alone.

Where to stay: booking.com click on my code and get €15 off. Since most accommodations in Las Terrenas are between $75 to $100 a night I would recommend staying in Hotel Residencial Marilar. This place is gorgeous, maybe a little expensive as it does not include breakfast, but it has a kitchen and is very spacious with a nice balcony. However, there are other cheaper places where you can stay, it really depends on your budget.

Hotel Marilar, owned by an Italian man, front row seats to the beach!

How to get around: The first time I went, we had a car, the second time, I went by myself and literally next to Marilar Hotel, there is a place that rents bikes for $20USD a day, so I literally went to all the beaches over a 3 day period and it was good fun, fresh air, coconut trees every where!! Defo recommend visiting this place and renting a motorbike/ moped if you really want to take advantage of the sorrounding beaches.