Monte Cristi

Goat’s Island and El Morro

Introduction: Not many Dominicans themselves from what I have been told, visit or travel to Monte Cristi due to it being not as popular compared to other places which dazzle with their beaches and activities. However, I read a bit about its history and was intrigued to go. I also found out that Christopher Columbus who visited the Island for the first time in January 1493, saw a mountain in the shape of a dromedary or camels hump and called it Monte Cristo or Monte Christi (“Mountain of Christ”), which today it is known as El Morro!! So first things first. This is what I did.P

How to get there: Caribe Tours It’s the best and cheapest way to get around the island, they literally go everywhere and for $8USD to go on a 4 hour bus ride is not bad, plus it has AC as well and not usually too packed either! They normally stop in one place on the way for about 20 minutos, people take advantage and buy some snacks or go to the toilet as the one on the bus, well it has no water to wash your hands or paper just a bowl to do your thing, but for women, I would not recommend it. So, take advantage of the 20 min stop it makes.

What to do there: Visit el Morro and their surrounding beaches. El Morro from the hotel is a 15 minute ride and they have loads of beaches and restaurants and that. So, check out Trip Advisor for extra things you might also be interested in, however, the beaches near el Morro, and El Morro themselves are the main attractions, you have “Climb” the bigger mountain, I say climb as you might need both hands and legs to get up there lol, but the smaller one is also nice and has a view point and 2 swings to take some photos of yourself with the island in the background! There is also parking as you arrive to El Morro with security and that so no worries there. They do offer excursions and take you to Goat’s Island and there is as far as I can remember 7 “cayos” too, which are like sand dunes about 4km off the coast, I did not go there but might be worth a visit, especially if you go in groups as it is cheaper and usually includes lunch too!

Where to stay: Hotel Santa Clara, they have AC, it’s cheap, clean and breakfast is amazing too! The hosts are super cool people and are always there to give advice on literally anything. I paid $84USD for 3 nights with breakfast on Booking.com and get €15 off using my code. There are alternatives if this is too much for you.

How to get around: I personally rented a moped. The hotel owner, Stefan, knows a guy who rents them out and for $10USD a day, it’s something I highly recommend doing as it is the best way to get to know the small city, beaches, El Morro and so on. I even where to a place called Pepillo Salcedo, which is borderline with Haiti! Go for a ride and check it out! Beaches are nice to but it’s a sleepy village

Any questions, just comment below or message me on my Instagram account! Cheers!