Place of progressiveness in the human mind

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On the basis of fable style, the innovative curriculum ‘intelligence story’ has begun to bring the epoch-making consciousness into mass consciousness. In his Sanskrit verses, the subject of philosophy, ethics, self science, and sociology has a high level of coordination. It can be called era memory or intelligence Upanishad. Along with so much seriousness, there is a lot of simplicity in it that there has been a conclusion of many stories with every rendering. Understanding original rendering by describing them makes it so easy to explain that entry of high level principles, seeding and enrichment, even in the backward mind land, makes it easy to perpetuate


Finding the story context according to demands of time is not easy for everyone. There are few prevalent stories and they also do not fulfill objective purpose. Some are persistent in their view of being interesting and have to be impaired to adopt unsuitable conclusions on hearing faith of people. Not only the remedies, but the regressive stories are popular. On being asked by them, seed rejuvenation is done in place of progressiveness in the human mind. Engaging the public society in unrealistic passions is indecipherable for a distant speaker.

In such a situation, it has been difficult in recent days to find out the progressive story context. Historical developments get so many, but need to empower religious beliefs by empowering them, and empowering emotional sensibilities, and need for reaching age consciousness to revered region of intercession is not complete. Man speaks in history, whereas in revelation of intelligence, the attributes of saints, Gods and the great human beings also add to the innate reverence associated with the antiquity and rendering becomes relatively weightier.

History has its own importance, but it is difficult to maintain consistency with stage of religion field and to maintain traditional nature of flow sequence. simplicity may be in this, that timely selection of mythological religious stories can be made to meet needs and they should be used to fulfill age of the eradication of eradication of the undesirable prevalence. Its subsistence in the structure of intelligence story is well-formed. It can be used for policy philosophy, future determination, past recollection as well as occasional people without any difficulty for teaching. It will not be said that this structure has not only opened the door of the Revolution campaign, but has taken a major step towards transforming new growing inadequacy into reverence for reverence.

There will be an essential requirement for seminars for public education. For this, simple people should be able to understand the simple and practical speaker for the present man’s psyche. The fulfillment of both these objectives is also possible in the intelligence story. Extraordinary reception of the first section has been welcomed and the demand for the next sections has emerged. Consequently, after leaving the idea of ​​printing a block every year, it has been decided to write and print at least five sections soon. It is certain that this presentation will give extraordinary contribution in meeting the above requirement.


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