Puerto Plata

Introduction: Before Punta Cana, Puerto Plata was the main place to go, and today it continues to pack a mighty punch. It has some gorgeous landscapes, coastal, mountainous, lush valleys and rivers with an array of beaches to the east and west of the city. The name Puerto Plata in English means Silver Port and this was named by the man himself Christopher Columbus after he found deposits of gold and silver. The Spanish built a fort which is still there today called “San Felipe” and its purpose was to protect the city from pirates.

How to get there: Caribe Tours As mentioned in nearly all the posts, this company has more routes around the island than most others, plus it is cheaper and I recommend them! You do have other options, such as public transport, here the buses are called “guagua”, when I was in Samaná, I got on one and went to Santo Domingo. However, the thing is that they are usually packed and uncomfortable in my experience, but they are a lot cheaper too and take longer because people get on and off all the time. It really depends on your budget. You can also rent a car, this is another more comfortable option.

What to do: I asked a few Dominicans what they thought of Puerto Plata and they said there was nothing there to visit, I just think that maybe they are not attracted to the place, but I was determined to go and have a look and take the drone out for a flight and I was not disappointed.

They have a cable car which goes from near the port to the top of a mountain with a Christ Redeemer similar to that of Rio de Janeiro. It was built in the 1970’s to entice tourism in the area. I would highly recommend going as you can see the city from the very top. I shot the drone up there and the security told me to bring it down because it was prohibited, although there was no sign saying so… strange! But still managed to get a nice shot while it was up.

27 charcos: or 27 waterfalls, ok it would be silly to say there are 27 and some of them are maybe a foot deep and others are a 10m drop, check out my Youtube clip, which of course you cannot just jump in. Here you can choose a few different categories, in other words if “27” are too much for you then you can choose 8, 16 o 27, but I recommend doing 27. It is quite cheap and good fun, bring water shoes with you as the ones they make you rent look like something out of a bowling alley lol check out the 27 Charcos below!

Cayo Arena: This is a far bit out, about a 45 minute drive, a tour will cost you anything between $65 to $85. It is basically a sand dune in the middle of the open blue gorgeous ocean, crystal clear, warm water filled with tropical fish and a must if in the area. Check out my drone pic, maybe it might convince you guys to go visit!!


There are a number of beaches where you can go, getting a local bus, which is for peanuts really and much cheaper than a taxi , it does not take long to get to Sosúa, which is quite nice or Cabrete if you fancy some winds surfing.

Where to stay: booking.com by using my code you can get a €15 discount on your next accommodation. I stayed in a place called “La casa Azul” or the Blue House, they offer mini apartments with a kitchen or just rooms. The rooms are quite cheap and the apartments come with AC and are idea for 2.

How to get around: In my case, I just got a motortaxi, which is a motorbike offering taxis called motoconchas, super cheap and great to get to places quickly, the city is tiny to be honest, so visiting the main places are ideal.