Rincon Beach

Playa Rincon

Introduction: Now, in my opinion of someone who has been to the Dominican Republic 4 times, this has to be the best beach!! The length of the beach is 5km and it also has a river to the left, where you go to wash up and get all the salt off your body before leaving, beside the river you can drink some coconut water and eat pineapple or drink a beer or all 3 lol

Cano Frío River

How to get there: as I mentioned in the article in Las Galeras, you can go by boat if you are staying there or by jeep or a quadbike. We went by quadbike and it was very good fun, more adventurous. So, boat, jeep or quadbike are the best ways of getting to Playa Rincon.

Surrounded by lush vegetation and mountains! Gorgeous!

Where to stay: booking.com (get €15 off using my code) from what I have seen this are is undeveloped. In other words there is no where to stay in Rincon, which I think is fine as it is protected that way. Las Galeras is a 7min boat ride away or 15min drive by jeep. So check accommodation in Las Galeras, that way you can see 3 beaches in 2 days or so!!

What to do there: Most visitors keep to the west end, where a couple of local restaurants and rows of loungers occupy the beach. Those who wander east find empty stretches, more wave action and the Cano Frío River. Locals cool off here in freshwater amid dense mangroves, while Dominican women serve fish and rice ‘n’ beans cooked over an open-fire hearth. There are excursions to Playa Rincón by boat and quad bike. Kayaks and snorkel gear are available for rent. The beach is even more spectacular after 2 p.m., when the majority of day-trippers leave.

What to bring: Like most beaches, flip flops, sunglasses, suncream, hat, leave everything else at the hotel like passport and that, just take cash, no credit cards are they only except cash.