Santiago de los Caballeros

Introduction: It’s a busy city in the north of the Dominican Republic, similar to Santo Domingo. On a hilltop, the 1944 Monumento de Santiago, topped by a white column, is dedicated to the heroes of the Dominican Restoration War. Dominican art is displayed at the Centro León cultural center. The 17th-century Fortaleza San Luis is now a museum, with tanks and military equipment. Park Duarte has paths, tropical trees and a bandstand. Below I have added some photos of the Hero’s Monument.

How to get there: Caribe Tours (again as mentioned above, this is your best means of getting around the island. Check out their website for destinations and timetables, prices etc… you will be surprised how cheap they are to travel with. They also recently bought a new fleet of buses and are slowly replacing the older ones.

What to do there: Monumento de los Heroes is the main attraction in the city itself, as mentioned above it is on a slight hilltop, so I highly recommend going at about 5.30 to get a view of the sunset with the monument, best time for taking photos in my opinion of this place.

San José de las Matas, also known as Sajoma is about a 45 minute drive from Santiago de los Caballeros. Here many people spend the day or the weekend. Rooms on average are about $35 a night for 2. Here you can go to a theme park, hot springs, rivers, water falls etc… many company’s offer day trips from Santo Domingo most weekends for under $50USD including transport and access to the place.

Where to stay: check out booking.com as there are a lot of places to stay and use my code to get €15 off your room!

How to move around: Santiago is very much like Santo Domingo, so Uber is a good option.

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