The collective power make work easy

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Ants work with a variety of methods for their sustenance. South America species break leaves from ant trees and make their small pieces and then spread them to shifts within their bills. In a short span of time, vegetation corresponding to fungus is produced from them. All ants living within bills mainly feed them. They are called ‘garden-ants’.


There are other ‘harvesting ants’, which collect seeds of grains or grass etc. through cultivation in their bills. They often live in dry or desert areas. There is often a lot of time drought in these states and lack of food content. Therefore, these ants collect more and more varieties of seeds within their bills and undergo them in days of absence. In our country, during famine, many people had to take one or two mind grains after digging bills of these ants.


American Ant, named ‘Lesions’, maintains another small insect and leaves them near roots of grains and plants, where they suck juice. After some time ant pits worm with its hair, causing it to spit juice and ants licking it. In this way, they take same work from these creatures, just as a man carries cows and buffaloes and milk their milk.


In this way ants, bees and termites etc. have become so small and negligible, but have grown so much of collective power that even bigger creatures not conquer them, but as famous are strong creatures like snakes and elephants. They also ‘run away or kill’ on strength of their collective power. They always follow their community rules completely and consequently no one is hungry Does. If man had been able to take inspiration from these creatures in this matter, then many problems of today would have been solved.


well-known biologist belt was once studying social life of ants. If all these ants are forced to leave house then what will they do if a curiosity is awakened in brain? Bates wanted to measure depth of intelligence and its subtlety of ants, and therefore present such an environment near a bunch of ants, so that ants are horrified. Passing nearby land, sprinkling water, making bizarre noise etc. ants considered serious in same way that natural pleasures such as overproduction, renaissance, storms, oceanic breezes threaten intimidating man and make great powers to bring right place and man is scared of them.


At place where bill was half a foot, there was a small shield. Surveyor Ants suddenly came out and roamed area and decided that space below slope is safe. After returning to bills, laborers started coming out of luggage carrying luggage. Anchored by two ants, a group of two crew came down and went down to newly discovered spot and stood out of bill as if they were all preparing for some special work.

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