The human being can learn from ants labor

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When we compare human beings with other creatures of the earth, it becomes clear that the person who possessed the arrogance of enlightenment has not yet reached that level in his social organization and behavior, as far as how small Animals-insects-insects have reached millions of years ago. The internal organization of ants, bees, beetles, barras, discipline, fondness and citizenship are very much higher than human beings and on the basis of that they have been defending themselves for such a long time.

As far as the sciences have been discovered, the origin of humans has not been more than one million years. In the same situation, if there is a terrible wild man living nowadays, the time of lakhs of two lakhs of years has passed.

On the contrary, after examining many ant and bee etc., the world famous scientist Julian Huxley and Wheeler etc. have decided that their development had happened 25 million years ago and there has not been any significant change since then. Describing their organization, Dr. Starked Hatham, a scholar, wrote: ‘Ants are the most successful and perhaps the most bizarre in all social insects. The number of all their castes is about three thousand. Some castes are such that the total number of living beings in their bills is around one hundred and some 500,000 live animals in any kind of bill. Not all an ant is big enough except the few ‘queens’ giving the egg. Even the biggest ‘impotent ant’ weight is never more than one gram (thirty feet). In other words, to be equal to the weight of a modest man, more than one lakh ants will have to be taken in the scales of scales. This is the talk of the biggest ant. Those who have to feed their food and fight with their enemies have to make their body particularly bigger and stronger. Small ants are much lighter than that. ‘

Among the many mystical tendencies that are seen in these ants, the most important thing is their food arrangement. The task of gathering food often works as an ants. But the ‘stomach’ of all ants that are in each community or in a ‘settlement’ is considered to be the same. Therefore, workers who receive antennae fill the ants in their undergarments. Out of that, they take a fraction of their share into their bedroom and each drop from the rest is distributed to all others. To check this, the scientists placed a thick sugar of sugar in the path of ants finding food and mixed any chemical blue substances in it. The working ants ate the sorbet and reached the bill and distributed the same eaten food to all its residents and children. The result is that all the living beings in the colony began to notice a little semblance in the stomach. Thus, the entire community becomes aborted. If the human society had started to follow this principle in practice, then the society would not have got so many thieves, robbers, thieves, thugs, robbers etc. anywhere.

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