The human responsibilities towards god

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God has been called Mercy Treasure, mercy sea, Auspicious Donor. If it can be understood as much as it has been given to man, then that compassion should be filled with gratitude towards the compassion of the ocean and it is a feeling that staying in the discipline of such a well-wisher guardian, it is appropriate to follow the prescribed customs policy. The superiority of human life is well known. As well as attaining this superiority, it also took on the responsibility to work for making God’s creation beautiful, flourishing and aromatic. And fulfill the desire of God, hope which he kept in mind when giving a special grant to man.

God is not only generous towards humans but also all his sons. Each life has given its capabilities and characteristics according to its status and needs. If the organisms were found only in the body, some extra characteristics were not found, then their life would be rare.

The power related to God’s creatures, called nature – is very generous. He has given many things to the creatures with a free hand. Not only for living and living with pleasure but also for self-defense, they have given the traits on which they can protect their existence by fighting the following calamities and difficulties.

Look at any creature also received the love, protection, and grant of nature. It looks so direct. The nature of the birth is not ‘false mother’, his unlimited affection is rotten on all. Other creatures utilize it and protect their existence even when they appear weak, unable.

In South America a bird is found its name is ‘ Slap ‘ It is known as the laziest creatures of the world. Most of his life he bites back and forth on the tree. The branches and the leaves are the food around them. Rainy season comes rainwater, but it does not abandon its headline currency. It should be said as the result of the knowledge of nature and its great grace that its cries have not been made straight and have been made inverted so that all the water that came to his body is dripping otherwise his name would have been extinct in the extinction of living organisms.

Whalefish is the world’s largest animal. In the Bible, it has been written ‘Ma’ and it is indeed exactly the same with its mammoth long-giant gesture. When he releases the breath, it seems as if the fountains were left below the sea. Once the whale was hunted in the Atlantic Ocean. If the stomach was stabbed by a traumatic injury, then a fragment of a cut fish, spread across 6 feet, and 4 feet wide, came from within the stomach. An 18-feet tall bone pig that was not digested and the shark was from the fish’s stomach.

Such a large fish that weighed fifty elephants could have cleaned all the sea creatures if nature had not made her mouth short. Its jaw is so small that a fish called heaving can be trapped in its neck and inhibit the movement of the respiration. Thus nature protects other marine organisms.

The ability to bear all the fluctuations in the weather, in the feathers of the bird, the scientists believe that no invention can be done by humans until the equivalent of that composition of nature.

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