The humans should used their intelligence

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It is clear that person will survive as long as he has a problem to fulfill his hunger and thirst. If his stomach does not go straight, then he will take refuge of unrighteousness. Anyway, leaving the care of the good of the society will become like, but will try to fulfill your needs. This will be beneficial for the society and both of them. All the gentlemen, hardworking and resourceful people of the society will have to remain suspicious. And those miscreants will always have to suffer physical and mental distress. Whether the society fed them by keeping them out and keeping them in jail, without eating them, they will never live. Therefore, if man also worked intelligently with the equivalent of ant and honey bees, then his condition was much safer today.


Some sensory mass powers of ant also are of higher quality than humans. They take the task of touch and disgust with the hair in front of their mouth. The knowledge of the form of an object can never be done by smell that comes to us, but ants understand form of substance from the smell. When there is a fight between the various ‘settlements’ of the ants, they also recognize the friend and the enemy with the help of the smell; Otherwise neither their dress is of different types nor does they have any special ‘RANGOSH’ I do. That is why it seems that they solve this issue only by touching hair of their mouths. Once they get out of the way, they get recognized by the smell of their feet, and by this measure they can roam around and then come back to their home.


There are some signs of ‘understanding’ in many types of ants. When a small drain channel arrives in the ‘Aster’ category, the bridge carries the bridge across the entire bridge. It is such that every worker ants catch a small straw in mouth and then they take a live strained bridge across the drain, catching each other’s straw. A scientist named Bait wrote on the basis of his inspection that ‘Ants in a South American city created such a bridge to cross the tram. But when many of them were crushed by tram, they instead made the tunnel, digging down the track and making tunnels. When Mr. Island stopped these tunnels, they stopped crossing tracks and went across it only after digging new tunnels. Similarly, to prevent the ants coming on a tree, were applied to the four-inch wide paste of four-inch wide width around the stem. The ants, on the other hand, brought the soil, stone particles, and put it on the lass and split it and crossed it.


The anesthesia is also very classy. They do very much cleaning their body. People inspected a couple of ants and said that one of them was lying on the earth and the other started licking it and licking it. First, he cleaned the face, then beat the chest too Similarly, licking the hip, abdomen and legs too thoroughly cleaned, during all this time, the ant was cleaned with such peace and contentment, which was known to be very satisfied and happy with the work of his partner.



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