The unlimited grace of god

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The northern region of South America is a dry, unstoppable mountainous region, neither is the production of livestock or livestock animals. Trees are also found in dry leaves. He showed kindness and made it a plant-the cow (ca tree). Its branches seem to be dead and dry, but when its stem grows, it produces a kind of milk that is not sweet and nutritious, but all the ingredients found in food and vegetables are also found in it. The morning is hungry and in the morning it gives so much milk in the sunrise that the Negroes carry their work throughout the day. Scientists examined this milk and were surprised to see that there is very close unity in the milk received by this milk and animals.

Perhaps nature knew that camels like Sahara would have to make camels the only vehicle. There the man does not get water, who gives water to the camel and he gives it the ability to give him the ability to drink water for 90 liters of water at a time and he also sustains himself in the sunny sunshine for weeks.

The lion hunts someone else, but if he is seen a giraffe at 5 miles, but if there is another animal at a distance, even when he tries to kill the giraffe who has to work so hard. A type of rose berries is for a giraffe lion. Then why the Giraffe’s breed has survived? Answer: The same will be found only because of the kindness and affection of nature. He has created a giraffe’s skins so that he becomes standing among the trees, it becomes difficult to recognize him even after reaching very close. Snakes – It is good that nature made it a creature that is hidden inside the earth, or else a venomous snake venom Can kill people A type of serpent is found in Java and Malaysia, which have wings and also fly. Most of them fly from one tree to another, while flying, they get giddy and descend on the ground while descending on the ground. In this way, they have got a variety of facilities for food, and various sports and sports. Wrestler first practice wrestling in their domestic battleground, then dare to show their wits in outer riots. Before fighting the foreign soldiers, the country troops divide themselves into two halves and practice fake warfare. If this is not done then it can be difficult to fight the real war. To such a subtle knowledge nature has given its ninety-nine mortal beings.

The fighter found in homes is as simple and straightforward as the fighter But to fight the enemy, the barber, he creates fake maneuvers. His fake battles are created by seeing such a right attack from left to right as if the gorilla war of Vietnam and Viet is in progress.

There is no more clever in attacking male mugger. He does not beat the enemy. Then how can poorly protect his life? He taught nature to threaten and intimidate the enemy by attacking the enemy, so he spreads his jaws as if the raw will be swallowed. If the attacker is scared and runs away, then roasting moves from the lounge to the other side. If it is not called nature’s training then what else to be said?

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