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Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Trips and destination marketing: You have a great destination and you want to promote! By inviting us to your destination we will make sure people see the best of it through professional photography, including 4k video/ photos and well-written travel stories on both our Instagram accounts and on our blog.
  • Photography: We’ll tell your story through jaw dropping drone photos, getting the best perspective from above, which entices people to go visit this place.
  • Travel writing: We’ll tell unique stories of your chosen destination
  • Brand reviews and ambassadorship: Got an amazing brand you’d like to introduce? Here on the blog we’ll make sure everyone knows how amazing it is.
  • Sponsorships: We’ve got lots of creativity to put into promoting your name. Let us know about it and we’ll tell you our crazy ideas.

Who are Irishdotravel viewers:

Our readers are young enthusiasts mainly interested in travel. Irishdotravel is the big source of travel info on the Dominican Republic and Peru in English with an audience looking for their next destination. If you have a product or a service regarding The Dominican Republic or Peru in any way, this is the right place to reach your target audience.

On social media we heavily invested in Instagram, which is the main source of our audience. We have two accounts, travel and food. On our IG accounts we have 50k weekly impressions and our audience is global, with a high percentage in the US. The main age range is between 25 and 44.

Irishdotravel ((19k followers)

Foreigngrub (17k followers)

Why you’ll love working with us:

Having been raised in Dublin, I have lived in a number of countries from China, Spain, UK, Peru and visited many more. I am fluent in Spanish and am travel and drone photography crazy! During my travels, I have enjoyed the exposure to certain cultures and their habits and to be tolerant towards differences. To be frank, I get on damn well with people from almost everywhere and every background.

My background is in Education and Business. I work as a teacher in an international school in Peru. I know the place back to front, inside out, but not with a drone and in 2019, I will explore and document as much as possible. I am all about getting those shots which are not as common compared to general photography and getting as much detail as possible to make my photos irresistible for my audience to provoke curiosity about where I was and what to do there. Please take a look at my Instagram posts in the Dominican Republic to give you an idea of the shots I look for.

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